Saturday, January 26, 2008


Ah, Friday. Blessed Friday. It's my first day off in 3 whole days. No judging.

I spent the whole day trying to decide what I'm going to do with this lovely Vanna White yarn I got the other day. I feel obligated to add a cheesy grin after this sentence, in honor of Ms White. [You may insert here]. It's green and lovely and fabulous and I can't wait. I ended up with a pattern something like this:

It's a bag that's big enough to fit my laptop or a notebook or something. When I eventually get a new laptop, I'll be able to fit both. Whoopee! I think I might change the diamond pattern to a pyramid 'cause...I donno. 'Cause it's 1:30ish and my brain is sleepy these days.

Speaking of these days, I haven't posted a drawing for awhile. Could be because I haven't made one, but I did doodle a little in between knitting and [Stargate] website loads. So, here, have an unfinished face (with a nose eerily similar to mine...):

Goodnight, or as the French would say, bonne nuit.

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