Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An Accidental Rant and some Uprooted Plants

Ah, hello, home of my favorite blog, for I have many. Too many as a matter of fact. I think when I get a few minutes I’m going to go through and delete all the ones that aren’t worth keeping. Oh, and if I sound a little funny today, it's because I've been reading like a crazed maniac. I think my reading skills have regressed a bit in recent years, it's been a while since I've had time to actually sit down a read. It's taking me a couple days to get through these books. Then again, I'm finding it difficult to read and watch TV at the same time. Sigh, what's my brain coming to?

So I was watching Dr. Phil today and I admit it was a little more than sheer boredom that brought me past his show. This Christmas break has lowered my standards quite a bit. His guest was the doctor from the Bachelor a season or two ago (another show I admittedly watch with a passion, Christmas break or not) who recently wrote a book about women and men and dating, etc. called, Don’t be that Girl. It was kinda funny and a bit enlightening and he was pretty careful not to over-stereotype women. But this led me to start thinking about female stereotypes which led me to start thinking about my high school, freshman, beginning drama class which I mostly hated.

I mostly hated it because it was almost completely made up of improv exercises which I grew to loathe like a body hates pleather. The only way to be liked in that class was to be funny on cue, a skill I do not have now and especially not as an insecure, just-out-of-junior-higher. But I digress.

There was an exercise in this class where the girls had to somehow, en mass, attract the men to somehow cross the stage and over to our group. Now that I look back on it, I really don’t know what the point was, but at any rate, it was nauseating. As if all the girls had been programmed, each simultaneously developed swinging hips, a bigger chest and winking eyes. I suddenly felt very out of place and moved to the back of the group with a few other girls who looked just as uncertain as I did and waited it out.

Now, I know that high school girls aren’t exactly the best gauge of normal female behavior but why, in this day in age, are women often seen as brainless bimbos? We’re human beings with intelligence and feelings and personalities, not just pieces of meat for guys to use as ego boosters.

Aaaaand that turned into more of a rant than I had intended and I’m sorry. I know that not everyone sees things this way, and there are large amounts of exceptions to this…stereotype. But since coming back home, away from the constant Christian environment of Biola, I’ve been noticing this sort of thing happening more and more, guys taking advantage of girls or seeing them just as a way to get sex. I’m sorry if I sound jaded. I’m not, really.

At the expense of making this post way too long, I have to say something about the crazy weather we’ve been having here on the West Coast. Wind, rain, downed trees, power outages, debris, flooding, blizzards. Since I don’t actually have to go out in it (Christmas break) it’s exciting!! But during the worst of it, there wasn’t a road in California that didn’t have a few accidents on it.

My best friend, Anneliése, has a quote of the day on her blog, so I’m going to do a variation (Considering I tend towards antisocial-only-childness and don’t have the kind of exposure to society needed to hear conversations from actual people.)

Interesting and/or pointless fact of the day: I accidentally used my mom’s toothbrush last night. I gagged.

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