Sunday, January 27, 2008

Title? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Title.

I just ate an Odwalla bar that was, incidentally, very good. But it was, disturbingly, green. Bright green.

My mom has been coming home from work the past couple of days with all sorts of healthy foods. Part of me is really happy (the part without taste buds). I can feel the all-natural flavors coursing through my veins. I am Healthnut, hear me roar!

I have discovered in the last 10 minutes that I like Billy Joel. I'm not sure if that makes me hip or lame but it's the truth. I'm listening to the iTunes 30 second preview over and over again because I'm too poor thrifty to actually buy it.

I made my daily cup-o-joe today and was nearly bowled over. My coffee smells good. I always knew this, but actually realized it today. My best friend and enabler gave me some Christmas blend for Christmas and it's absolutely fantastic.

And since my mom just said, "your typing sounds like termites eating my brain," I suppose that will have to be all for tonight.

bonne nuit

P.S. I made some flashcards for my French vocabulary words and now I know why I felt so behind. I hadn't actually looked at the vocab list.*

*Mental note: Be smarter.

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