Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 Days 'Till Christmas!

Today. Today is a good day. This morning I had choir rehersal for tomorrow's Christmas Cantata and Christmas Eve-Eve service. Then we came home, I'm stalling from cleaning the house and I'm listening to Josh Groban's Christmas CD and I'm about to go make myself a mocha to make this whole day complete. I'm so excited for Christmas this year. It seems more like Christmas than usual. Maybe because it's the first one I've been around for in 3 years. I'm much less stressed this year. Switching my major to art was the best decision I've ever made. Speaking of art, here's something I submitted for my final portfolio. It's Steven, our nude model. He was a funny little man who sang show tunes while posing.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

You Know the Drill

I told you I'd be back before the day was over. So remember when I said that I was going to play around in Paint? Well I did and I thought I'd post the results on my handy little blogging companion. It's a self portrait from a picture I took for a Figure Drawing class:
Does it look like me?! Here's the original picture:

Not bad, not bad. Could be better, but hey it was my first attempt. It took me about 2 hours and I used mostly the pencil tool with a little bit of the spray can. I changed the arm and the iPod, haha. I feel inspired. What else can I tackle.....?

5 Days...hhhhh, whatever.

Smmmmmmmmuuhhh....smell that? Go on, smell. Do you know what that is? That's the smell of freedom, my friends. I have just turned in my very last two (2) assignments of my very last general ed class. At this minute, I can do whatever I want, except leave campus.

Tonight, I will probably be going to Pastor Phil's house for a college fun? game? eating? night. Part of me wants to run for the hills only because of this "freedom" topic we've been talking about, but part of me wants to go because, well, it'll be fun.

Yes, this is my 4th post for December 20, 2007. Am I ashamed? Maybe. Will I probably post again before the day runs out? Most likely.

5 Days 'Till Christmas! (oh, shh.)

Someday, I'm going to grow up, and this is what my apartment will look like:

It will be in Vancouver or Washington and I'll have a little studio off to the side where there will be art covering the floor and propped up against the wall. Some finished, some in progress...sigh. I can't wait.

I got a coffee at the coffee cart and sat down at my computer. I forgot that I had a stirring straw in it and I went to take a sip and the straw when right up my nose. It hurt. I sure hope no one else saw, if they did they didn't show it. I looked around just to make sure.

5 Days 'Till Christmas! (still...)

I can't tell if this is unhealthy or not. I just posted 5 hours ago. Granted, there was some sleep involved in the meantime, but I's kind of ridiculous, the thought of me sitting here, typing to no one but the digi-whatevers in the Internet somewhere.

I'm sighing in relief because as I have already said in a near state of delirium, I am done. The only reason I am at school right now (which is where I am) is because I don't have a car, don't have a license and I have found I have to bum a ride with my mom and/or take the bus in order to get to school.

So here I am. Awake at 7am, waiting patiently to turn in my essay at 1pm, then meet with a professor at 4pm. That's nine hours of doing nothing. Well, that's not true. I brought my knitting. I think I might make myself a scarf. I can check my email some surfing...without the headphones that I so inconveniently left at home for the first time all semester just when I really need them. Oh well. Maybe it'll teach me to be creative.

Also, I have an extra credit essay I can write, but I don't know what the guidelines are, so I'm just going to wing it. Oy, I'm a mess.

I know what I'll do! I'll work on my Windows Paint skills. That'll impress the men.

5 Days 'Till Christmas!

It is 1:45 am, I have just finished writing two (2!) 6 page research papers, am feeling a bit anemic, eyes are kinda sandy and for some reason I just couldn't resist a quick jump through the blog. It's a sickness! I don't even have anything to say! Oh. I have one thing to say: I have one (1!) extra credit assignment to finish tomorrow and then I am completely done for this entire semester. Knitting, Stargate and PJs here I come!! don't want to go anywhere, think about anything or breathe for a good month. Scratch that pre-New Year's resolution. I'm keeping this hibernation weight and I'm puttin' on more!

I should go before I start acting like an hysterical lunatic in my empty living room. I'm a bit delirious. Alright. Time to scrape myself off this recliner. I'm pretty sure my tokhes has fused to the cushion. Mmm...yep. It has.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

6 Days 'Till Christmas!

Isn't it interesting how we all have sections to our memory? Mine are defined by smells and music. Every once in a while I'll catch a whiff of a perfume I used in high school or the smell of Elmer's Glue and whoosh! I'm back in the locker room or sitting at my 2nd grade desk, learning about manatees. Once I hit college, I started to get really into music. Each year has a different collection of songs. Show tunes, John Mayer and Maroon 5 for freshman year; Jason Mraz, Deathcab and Postal Service for sophomore year; Sufjan Sevens, Josh Groban, Cat Stevens and the Amelie Soundtrack for Junior year. Currently, I've expanded my horizons to all of Yann Tiersen, newer Bruce Springsteen, Rosemary Clooney, I've revived some Michael Buble, and some miscellaneous folksy stuff.

It's a shame that my "sections" aren't defined by something more profound, but there you have it.

And seeing as it's about to be the new year, I've decided to write down an advance copy of my New Year's resolutions (that I will never keep):

1. Do my best to stop wearing clothes that make me look like a transient
2. Loose extra "hibernation weight" that has shown up during the holiday season.
3. Wash hands more often
4. Stop procrastinating (like I'm doing right now)
5. Bring nerdy back
6. Become renowned artist and get job with large Sci-fi TV show and make loads of money

What I would really like to do right now is focus on how I'm going to do #6, but unfortunately, it's finals week and I have to stop being a looser and focus on how I'm going to pass World Civ with an A. (My last GE!) So I suppose I'll have to say goodbye for now...even though I don't want to...please don't make me...I think I'll play some solitaire...hhhhh...okay...bye.