Friday, September 25, 2009


By now we all know about my fear of dentists which you can read about here and here. Well about 4 weeks ago, my teeth and jaw started hurting in some spots and after letting the sense of dread and panic completely overtake me, I finally decided to make an appointment. By the time I walked into that office this afternoon I had convinced myself I needed immediate dental reconstruction complete with laughing gas and pliers.

Good news: there is nothing wrong with my teeth.

Bad news: the muscles in my jaw are stressed which means I can't chew gum anymore and I have to do some sort of face exercises. If that doesn't work, it looks like a diet of ibuprofen and liquids are in my immediate future. All acceptable alternatives to teeth drilling and extraction.

I immediately went to the store and got some mints because heaven help me if I'm going to let my jaw stand in the way of my social aptitude.

Also, since Fridays seem to be musically inclined, here's some more:

Horsefeathers, "Curs in the Weeds". Also check out "This is what". They're a sort of a modernized bluegrass which, granted, isn't for everyone. I'll forgive you if you don't like it, but DON'T SHOW YOUR FACE AROUND HERE AGAIN.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursdays Are For Others

Let's look at someone else's stuff for a while. It's good to get some perspective on what other people are doing. It's healthy.

I saw this video a few years ago when I first started as an art major. I thought about it out of the blue a couple days ago and decided to look it up again. The concept is so simple but so great.

EDIT: Ah! I forgot to credit! Here's the sidebar info for the video:

"This was my final film at Kingston University, it is an animated film based on interviews with people about their first crushes. (best version). I can be found at and at Animated By Julia Pott, Music and Sound Design by Christopher Frost (for all those who wanted to know who did the music!!)"

Friday, September 18, 2009

Music Friday - City and Colour

Let's try this music thing again. I could call it Music Monday, but that would be conforming to the man.

I woke up this morning and suddenly craved City and Colour. So good, so folksy. I don't know why I hadn't heard of these guys until about a year ago. It's the solo project of Dallas Green also of the Canadian metal band Alexisonfire. It happens that while City and Colour makes me want to curl up with a good book and a steaming cup of coffee, Alexisonfire makes me want to smash that cup of coffee over the head of a stranger. Completely opposite styles of music.

His new(ish) album "Bring Me Your Love" seems to be one part self-loathing, one part introspective and one part adorable. The album evokes so many emotions while you're listening to it that it's hard to settle on just one. Green shares his thoughts on love and forgiveness, death, the nature of humanity in a way that seems so raw and intimate. I love it.

Listen a little, watch this fantastic video, decide for yourself.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Music Mon--...Friday

Alright. I've posted about Noah and the Whale before but in celebration of their new album, "The First Days of Spring," I feel the need to post again because they are just. that. good. With their second release, they created a film to accompany with the new album as the soundtrack. Here's the trailer:

The First Days of Spring Official Trailer from charlie fink on Vimeo.

It's not released in the US until October 6th (I'm crying bitter tears) but it's out in the UK and they have it posted on their MySpace which you can find here.

This album is stylistically a bit different than their first, "Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down" but it doesn't make the newbie any less fantastic.

Check it out and if you like it, don't you dare torrent it. They are too good for that. The chupacabra will come and cut off your thumbs. Wait. I may be mixing up my folklore.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"I will carry you, carry youuuu..."

Sorry I haven't blogged for a while, though I'm pretty sure this surprises no one. Sometimes it's hard to get it the right frame of mind when it's hot and gross. Not that it's been either one of those lately. Actually, the weather has been a perfect upper 80s. But my brain is in summer mode so it tells my hands not to type but instead to watch America's Got Talent while snacking on a bowl of grapes. 

Get this: I haven't had a decent cup of coffee in two weeks. TWO. I have some instant decaf I bummed off of my grandma the last time I visited (which she did not give willingly. She loves her Folgers) and I am trying to absorb as much as i can of the minuscule bit of caffeine in each cup in a desperate attempt just to STAY. ALIVE. 

Do I sound pitiful? I feel pitiful. I'm listening to Clay Aiken and enjoying it. That's how far this situation has deteriorated.

Classes have started and I'm in an intermediate drawing class (finally!). We are allowed to choose the skills we want to focus on this semester and I have chosen composition and concept and exploring how the two rely on each other. I'm excited. Now that I'm more comfortable with the actual drawing part of drawing, I'm able to pick up the slack in other areas. I'll keep y'all apprised.