Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Okay, here's the deal. I'm feeling really great right now. Mostly because I stood up for myself in a way the feminine gender has been fighting for [in general] for centuries: Respect. I firmly yet politely told someone I didn't appreciate being spoken to in an inappropriate, friendly, but inappropriate way. It worked, and I feel empowered.

Okay, on a mostly completely unrelated note here's the same drawing I posted earlier today. Only this one went through the scrutinizing eye of my professor this evening who promptly forced me to make it better.

Haaaaa! It's a good thing I have a professor that isn't afraid to tell me when my art is crappy. Seriously.

It's a Smallish World After All...

So I just found out today that I've been in a class for two semesters with a woman my mom and I knew when I was little and I had no idea. Through our conversation, we discovered an intricate web of connections and coincidences that has been brewing for 15ish years. So. Bizarre.

Anyway, here's a drawing for the blawg:

Notice how my hair looks so fantastic from the back? That's photo-realism my friends.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


As a direct result of peer pressure from neighbour, I made a Twitter. I shed a lone tear of despair as my self respect shriveled to a raisin. I thought I could just make an account and follow others without actually participating but now I have 3 Twitter applications on my iPod and check them fanatically while thinking I should show these lowly peasantfolk how it's done. It's just that I've spent a goodly portion of my time mocking twittering and all it entails. If I preface my twits (?) with "I resent that I feel the need to do this" does that justify it or make me a hypocrite? I'm going to ignore your answer and say that I'm justified.

Actually, I'm brainstorming a little. Maybe post some in-progress work? We'll see. We all know how my promises follow through.

So if you care to take a gander here's my link: http://twitter.com/ylehsa. If not, I completely understand.

At this point my Twitter is a documentation of my pathetic death knell in an attempt to resist the Twitter revolution. It's pretty embarassing, actually.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It's been a while but let's pretend it hasn't, shall we? K.

Here's a pen and ink drawing for my class this summer.



I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter last night. It was really fun. I thought the movie was really good but keep in mind I completely forgot what happened in the book (except the dead bodies. Couldn't forget the dead bodies). According to my Facebook news feed, the movie is different from the book in some spots. Whatever. The camera angles were fantastic and those poor boys have finally grown into their bodies. I was worried.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Detoxify That Sugar High

Every summer I get on a kick to eat healthier. It lasts a good month until all the new, fresh fruits run out in the grocery store and I start storing up extra calories for the long winter months (which, really, is a formality because when does California actually get a decent winter?). Last summer it was flexitarianism which, admittedly, was pretty lame. This summer it's refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

I know. My beloved grande, sugar-free, fat-free, extra hot, no foam hazelnut latte. This may be the hardest thing to kick. Because I love that GSFFFEHNFHL, my soul mate. I may have to allow myself an indulgence once a week. We have too long a history to just quit cold turkey.

Although, this does help with my decision to cut back on buying coffee so I can save up for this car.

Anyway, so here's to kicking refined sugar (except in milk and other dairy products and the occasional latte)!!

Go summer.