Saturday, July 18, 2009


As a direct result of peer pressure from neighbour, I made a Twitter. I shed a lone tear of despair as my self respect shriveled to a raisin. I thought I could just make an account and follow others without actually participating but now I have 3 Twitter applications on my iPod and check them fanatically while thinking I should show these lowly peasantfolk how it's done. It's just that I've spent a goodly portion of my time mocking twittering and all it entails. If I preface my twits (?) with "I resent that I feel the need to do this" does that justify it or make me a hypocrite? I'm going to ignore your answer and say that I'm justified.

Actually, I'm brainstorming a little. Maybe post some in-progress work? We'll see. We all know how my promises follow through.

So if you care to take a gander here's my link: If not, I completely understand.

At this point my Twitter is a documentation of my pathetic death knell in an attempt to resist the Twitter revolution. It's pretty embarassing, actually.

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