Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crash Course

Last weekend my friend and I took a happy jaunt down to the Gap outlet. It was a bit of an experience. Gather 'round, friends, let me share some wisdom with you in outline format:

A Lesson on Braving the Gap Outlet:
1) Shop on a weekday, less crowds, less competition
2) Go early or your size will be gone and you'll be forced to buy a triple extra long which when tried on becomes a safety hazard to rival the unbuckled seat belt, the untied shoe and especially the menopausing parent.
3) Be aggressive. Those deals aren't going to get up and walk to you. Elbow, knee, kick the shins, do whatever necessary to win the $4 tee.

On more than one occasion, I was flipping through a rack when some weaselly bargain shopper literally got in front of me and started looking at the same clothes. Mid-flip! It was a move I both despised and admired at the same time. My sensibilities were mildly horrified as my personal space was tossed aside like some old shoe. My initial reaction was to run, after all, I don't know what kind of germs these people may carry. Then I realized, don't be afraid! Fight back! Show that skinny beotch who's boss! And I did. I have $8 jeans and a killer bag to show for it.

It was a hectic day and after being served a $6 bucket of nachos from someone who looked like she would spit in your food if you gave her a second glance, I decided it was a harrowing experience and I'm a bit of a better person because of it.

I had two whole days off this week, and it was fabulous. I went to Borders and re-discovered my excitement for school and art and winter and knitting. Haaaaaaaa...rejuvenating.

So neighbour told me to give her and her family a shout out for being a long distance best friend so here: "Shout out, neighbour," "Shout out, Milo, you horrible cat," "Shout out, Nolan, as your blog stats climb through the roof and mine plummet to the floor. It's good to know I can be outdone so very easily. Keeps me grounded. No pun intended."

Monday, July 21, 2008

Come Back, Readers!!

Smmmmhhaaa...Smell that? It's my breath. It's smells herby. I have entered the land of hair buns, homeschool and the infirmed: I'm a tea drinker. You see, now that I work at a coffee shop, I've been a little overwhelmed by the amount of coffee consumption going on. I went from approximately 3 shots a day to a good 9 or 10. In a month. In the past week, I've existed on 5 lattes, 4 americanos and a muffin. To compensate, I'm trying to detox with some herbal tea. All it's really doing is making me feel sleepy. It's kind of nice though. It makes me feel healthy, it's relaxing, soothing and it's not steadily trying to turn my teeth an ungodly shade of yellow.

Horrified gasp! My page views have gone down! Oh no! It's like a stab to the heart! It's my fault and mine alone. I've been neglecting this little area of the Internet. Not intentionally, mind you. Just so you see that I'm making a distinct effort: I tried to order a computer today and it wouldn't let me, so I'm going to have to wait a couple of days and then make my move. The end of this madness is on the horizon! I promise!

So, we have this little issue with ants in our home lately. It pains me to admit it. Actually, at this particular moment I would call it a raging infestation. These are no ordinary ants. These are villainous, cyborg, indestructible ants. They come out of no where and just appear on the wall. Then, when they are done reeking havoc on what seems to be nothing, they disappear into nothingness. Try. Just try following their trail. It doesn't exist. It's like they just pop through the walls. Little creeps. They've already attacked my mouthwash. Why?! What could they possibly want with my mouthwash?!

P.S. It's neighbour and Nolan's 1st anniversary today. Happy anniversary, guys. (Even though you snapped at me on the phone, neighbour. Yes, I'm going to milk it and I intend to receive some sort of compensation for my pain and suffering. I will accept ones, fives, tens and gift cards.)

Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm starting to think I'm putting too much on my plate for next semester. Two Bible studies, work, possible internship, 18 units, long commute, homework. The part of me that's tired of doing nothing all the time wants to scream, "Bring it on!" The flabby, boring part of me wants to whine, "Nooooo...all I want to do is vegetate and watch made for TV movies." Hhh. It's a conundrum.

This past week I went camping with my church in Nevada City. It was fun but it was the smokiest and hottest 4 days of the year. You know it's scorching when 100 degrees is a relief. I think next year will be even more of a blast than this year, provided California isn't one big piece of charcoal by then.

I need some explanation: how can I swim almost every day and only get paler? I swear to you I am whiter than when I left for camping. I have a complaint to file with the sun. He's not doing the job I want him to do, just the one that I don't. Boooo! Hiss! Boooo!

I am entirely too caffeinated and entirely too whiny to blog today. What was I thinking? Perhaps I will post some sketchings later that I did during camp. I've allowed my drawing skills to become soft and puny during the summer. I need a good homework assignment to buff up.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th 'o July!

Interesting how all of my blogs as of late have been written during the few moments I can snag at other people's houses. Today, I'm broadcasting from Carolyn's house. They're having a little 4th of July BBQ. I ate way too much and I can feel my thighs dimpling as I sit here. Hhh. I don't think that swim we had today will be enough. Carolyn has the computer I'm getting and I feel a little bit of thrill. It's almost like it's mine! Maybe she wouldn't notice if I craftily snuck it out the door. I could blame the extra bulge on the gorging amount of food I ate today. 

Well, I'm going to be a little social and join the rest of the party. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ahem. I need more sun.

Ka-huh, Ka-huh, I've got the black lung, Pop.

It's still smoky, just not nearly as bad.

I'm finally bloggin', sorry friends. I'm at Anneliese's house, she's playing Age of Mythology and I'm drip drying. Sigh, pools are a fabulous thing. I tried to get a tan but really I'm still translucent. There really isn't much to update, mostly just working, counting the days until I can order my new laptop (payday). Whoopee!!

I'm going to go check my multitude of blogs I've been neglecting recently.