Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm starting to think I'm putting too much on my plate for next semester. Two Bible studies, work, possible internship, 18 units, long commute, homework. The part of me that's tired of doing nothing all the time wants to scream, "Bring it on!" The flabby, boring part of me wants to whine, "Nooooo...all I want to do is vegetate and watch made for TV movies." Hhh. It's a conundrum.

This past week I went camping with my church in Nevada City. It was fun but it was the smokiest and hottest 4 days of the year. You know it's scorching when 100 degrees is a relief. I think next year will be even more of a blast than this year, provided California isn't one big piece of charcoal by then.

I need some explanation: how can I swim almost every day and only get paler? I swear to you I am whiter than when I left for camping. I have a complaint to file with the sun. He's not doing the job I want him to do, just the one that I don't. Boooo! Hiss! Boooo!

I am entirely too caffeinated and entirely too whiny to blog today. What was I thinking? Perhaps I will post some sketchings later that I did during camp. I've allowed my drawing skills to become soft and puny during the summer. I need a good homework assignment to buff up.

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