Monday, July 21, 2008

Come Back, Readers!!

Smmmmhhaaa...Smell that? It's my breath. It's smells herby. I have entered the land of hair buns, homeschool and the infirmed: I'm a tea drinker. You see, now that I work at a coffee shop, I've been a little overwhelmed by the amount of coffee consumption going on. I went from approximately 3 shots a day to a good 9 or 10. In a month. In the past week, I've existed on 5 lattes, 4 americanos and a muffin. To compensate, I'm trying to detox with some herbal tea. All it's really doing is making me feel sleepy. It's kind of nice though. It makes me feel healthy, it's relaxing, soothing and it's not steadily trying to turn my teeth an ungodly shade of yellow.

Horrified gasp! My page views have gone down! Oh no! It's like a stab to the heart! It's my fault and mine alone. I've been neglecting this little area of the Internet. Not intentionally, mind you. Just so you see that I'm making a distinct effort: I tried to order a computer today and it wouldn't let me, so I'm going to have to wait a couple of days and then make my move. The end of this madness is on the horizon! I promise!

So, we have this little issue with ants in our home lately. It pains me to admit it. Actually, at this particular moment I would call it a raging infestation. These are no ordinary ants. These are villainous, cyborg, indestructible ants. They come out of no where and just appear on the wall. Then, when they are done reeking havoc on what seems to be nothing, they disappear into nothingness. Try. Just try following their trail. It doesn't exist. It's like they just pop through the walls. Little creeps. They've already attacked my mouthwash. Why?! What could they possibly want with my mouthwash?!

P.S. It's neighbour and Nolan's 1st anniversary today. Happy anniversary, guys. (Even though you snapped at me on the phone, neighbour. Yes, I'm going to milk it and I intend to receive some sort of compensation for my pain and suffering. I will accept ones, fives, tens and gift cards.)

1 comment:

neighbour said...

whaeva you user!

at least you are giving me blog material again *sob*

ps-i told nate to read your blog, so this means:
a.) your page views will go up
b.)you better stay witty cause i told him you were. hah!