Thursday, January 31, 2008

How Low Can You Go?

You know those days you just want to take it low? You know, the days that are kind of melancholy just for the sake of being melancholy and not any other reason at all? Well, today wasn't one of those days but I just listened to "The Funeral" by Band of Horses and it reminded me of those days. Good song, that one. It makes me feel all artsy inside (Digression: I don't like the word, "artsy," I never have and honestly don't know why I use it). Speaking of feeling artsy...

I dropped French and added Clay Sculpture instead. I know, I know, "How could you?!" you ask. "Meh," say I. I figured it was going to require much more effort than I was willing to invest, especially in a class I don't need. Besides, now instead of conjuring an ulcer 4 days a week, I can play with clay and listen to my iPod 2 days a week. Huzzah!

My mom has a friend from England who goes back often to visit family. Well, this morning my mom said she would be okay with me going with her sometime (provided I pay for the ticket) so I was looking up airfare to London just out of curiosity. It's expensive, but that's not the reason I'm talking about this. I started looking up different places in the US and Canada and I got a little bit excited. I just got a flash of what it would be like if I were actually looking up plane tickets to these places. One way. When I'm finally done with school and I've gotten a job somewhere clean and trendy and cute and rainy. When I get there and secure an apartment the first thing I'm going to do is get a dog. One from the animal shelter that needs a good home. Preferably a potty trained one.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hello, My Name is Ashely, and I'm a Coffoholic

I'm at school early today. Once upon a time the mere thought of getting to school at 7:30am would have made me nauseous but now, I kind of like it. It gives me some time to focus and either work on some homework or say, blog.

I discovered this morning that I've sold another book! Huzzah! Suddenly I have some money but instead of spending it like I usually do, I'm feeling the need to hoard. I used to spend every penny I got (and I literally mean, counting pennies. One time I was searching for change around the vending machine.) on coffee. Now that I'm making my own and bringing it to school, it's like a whole new me has emerged! I'm free! I'm free of the bondage! Well, at least until something happens to keep me from my Daily Dose, then I'm back to square one.

You know when you really love a show and you watch it any chance you get, or even mold your schedule around it so you can be home to watch it? But then, just watching it isn't enough so you look it up online, and then you start to read blogs, and watch extra features and start thinking about attending a convention but because you're too poor you start to read other people's accounts of conventions and suddenly the actors that you once thought were so cool turn out to be real people with real problems and some of them even turn out to be unreasonably finicky or just jerks and then all at once this fog clears and you realize that the whole thing is just a big mess and all of this obsession you've been harboring has just been a royal mistake and it's really not all that cool anymore. You should have just left well enough alone. You wrecked a good thing. Well, maybe not completely wreaked. You still visit the website and you still watch the show and read the blogs, but the whole thing doesn't have that saintly glow anymore. Sigh. You miss that saintly glow.

Monday, January 28, 2008

One Day! One Day I Will Prevail!!

I love animals. They're so cute and fuzzy and they have little faces that look at you in love. [Except cats. I hate cats. To quote a late-night talk show god, Craig Ferguson: "If you die in your home tonight, your cat will eat you."] I want so much to be successful at animal ownership but I seem to have a long string of bad luck with them. I had a pet snake named Speedy. He was a Red-Racer and would wrap himself around my finger and try to stab me with his, incidentally, unpointy tail. He disappeared suddenly one day while in the house. We never did find him.

Then there was Sparky, the Parakeet. He bit. My mom left the door to his cage open and while coming home from school one day, Sparky flew out the door.

Then, Jake. The black lab puppy. He was cute, but we learned a valuable lesson. Never name anything Jake: dog, cat, bird, child. It will turn out badly. Jake knocked me on the ground when I was 5 and wrapped a leash around my neck. Not intentionally, I'm sure...

Coco the bunny. He would huddle up in the corner of his cage, wait until I reached in to feed him then he would attack. Scared the poo out of me every. freakin. time.

Fred and Wilma. The county fair goldfish. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say these were the most successful pets I ever owned (9 months!)...until my mom killed them with too much water cleanser.

Petey/Tuvok the bunny. He growled. I have witnesses.

Archimedes the little black fish. I took such good care of him. He was so cute...until I forgot to put the lid back on his bowl...once. All I can say to this is that his poor broken body flopped on the floor and the image is burned into my memory for all time.

Our latest endeavor: Buddy. Sigh. I have never been so attached to a pet, ever. He was way too energetic for our little apartment and it just wasn't fair to him. We ended up giving him to a family with kids and another dog to keep him company. It was the right decision. Here's a picture for posterity:

I am absolutely determined to have a successful pet. Just once! It's all I ask! I can tell you one thing, the first thing I'm doing when I get my own place is get a dog. He's going to be cute and his name will be...mmm, lemme think about that one for awhile. I'll get back to you.

One last thing: I went to Portrait Drawing tonight and I'm all fired up. There are some good artists in that class and I can feel the heat of competition rising in my brain. Mwwraannggh! (that's my war cry.)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Title? I Don't Need No Stinkin' Title.

I just ate an Odwalla bar that was, incidentally, very good. But it was, disturbingly, green. Bright green.

My mom has been coming home from work the past couple of days with all sorts of healthy foods. Part of me is really happy (the part without taste buds). I can feel the all-natural flavors coursing through my veins. I am Healthnut, hear me roar!

I have discovered in the last 10 minutes that I like Billy Joel. I'm not sure if that makes me hip or lame but it's the truth. I'm listening to the iTunes 30 second preview over and over again because I'm too poor thrifty to actually buy it.

I made my daily cup-o-joe today and was nearly bowled over. My coffee smells good. I always knew this, but actually realized it today. My best friend and enabler gave me some Christmas blend for Christmas and it's absolutely fantastic.

And since my mom just said, "your typing sounds like termites eating my brain," I suppose that will have to be all for tonight.

bonne nuit

P.S. I made some flashcards for my French vocabulary words and now I know why I felt so behind. I hadn't actually looked at the vocab list.*

*Mental note: Be smarter.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Forgive Me But...

I just had to post this:

Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Space: the Final Frontier

There is nothing quite as wonderful as classic Star Trek. "Wha?" You may say. "Yes," say I. It's so ridiculous that I just fall in love with it every time I watch it. It's the perfect show to watch on a cloudy day with a cup-a-joe and a comfy couch. All of which I have. All of the science fiction shows these days with their fancy visual effects and their over-paid actors may be "cool" but Star Trek was the pioneer. They started a revolution. They set themselves apart with such wonderful creative ideas like the Tribbles and cutting edge make-up and prop people who created these horned dog-things:

This image property of CBS Studios, Inc.

I think though, above all else, the hyper-practical miniskirt uniforms are what immortalize this show for all time. Who in their right mind designed those things? I'll tell you who, a chauvinistic, narrow-minded meat head [genius] from the 60s. Ah, the good old days, 'twas a simpler time.

My mom came home from work today with a plethora of produce. Look!


Ah, Friday. Blessed Friday. It's my first day off in 3 whole days. No judging.

I spent the whole day trying to decide what I'm going to do with this lovely Vanna White yarn I got the other day. I feel obligated to add a cheesy grin after this sentence, in honor of Ms White. [You may insert here]. It's green and lovely and fabulous and I can't wait. I ended up with a pattern something like this:

It's a bag that's big enough to fit my laptop or a notebook or something. When I eventually get a new laptop, I'll be able to fit both. Whoopee! I think I might change the diamond pattern to a pyramid 'cause...I donno. 'Cause it's 1:30ish and my brain is sleepy these days.

Speaking of these days, I haven't posted a drawing for awhile. Could be because I haven't made one, but I did doodle a little in between knitting and [Stargate] website loads. So, here, have an unfinished face (with a nose eerily similar to mine...):

Goodnight, or as the French would say, bonne nuit.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

zéro, un, deux, trois, quatre...

Tonight, I posted about 12 textbooks on Amazon and within 2 hours sold my first one! Whoopee! Money! (Half of which my mother is taking as commission. She might as well steal my dignity.) I've got the fever. The money fever. I'm trying to think of what else I can sell...more books, DVDs, my bed...if only I had a little brother...

I've continued my obsessive quest to find the perfect knitting pattern and came across this blog. It's people like this who make me ashamed to call myself a knitter. I need more money to support my habit. Better tools, yeah, that'll make me better, yeah.

Shopping list:
1. Knitting magazines
2. Double pointed needles (various sizes)
3. An alpaca (so I can make my own yarn, obviously. I'm unemployed, I have to think economically.)
4. Circular needles (various sizes)
5. Coffee (the nectar that flows through my veins) and/or blood transfusion.
6. Crest Whitestrips

Day Three of New Semester!

Oh dear. I can see that my French class is going to take a whole lot more caffeine than previously thought. I swear I'm missing something. Could it be that my brain isn't a sponge anymore? Has it become hard as a rock? It's possible. This is it, I've entered into the "can't teach an old dog new tricks" years. Dangit...and I always wanted to learn how to play the violin.

Here. Just to prove my dedication to this class let me show you:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. That is "Annie Get Your Gun" with French subtitles. It's a difficult movie under normal circumstances, nearly unbearable with French, but I made it through at least 30 minutes. At least.

The Portrait Drawing class last night has so far lived up to expectations. I'm so excited! I can't wait to get my hands all grimy with charcoal and ink! Whoopee!

I stayed for a long time in my Photoshop class today. I'm really excited about that class, too. It kind of feels wrong, altering photographs to make them look better. Doesn't it seem like it takes a certain amount of skill out of art? I guess it's just skill in a different capacity.

*Digression*: Don't you hate it when people sit in a highly public area (like the cafeteria in which I am sitting) and have angry conversations on the phone? This particular woman is even sitting at a table with someone else whose eyes have long since glossed over. Oh well, none of my bee's wax.

I think I'm going to go get something hot and lovely (like coffee.) The weather is so cold here!!! I want it to snow! Snow snow snow!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day Two of New Semester

Normally, I’m a nice person. A very nice person. Having worked in the service industry, I have a healthy respect for people who wait on me in various capacities. I always say thank you with a big smile and even, occasionally, let them walk all over me as I stand timidly agreeing, wanting to cause as little trouble as possible. But when it comes to those handling my morning coffee, a completely different person takes over; Ms. Walker and Ms. Wheeler. For the last two semesters more or less the same people have been making my coffee. They know what I want: type of latte, milk, size, shots, temperature, etc. Well let me just tell you, this semester…completely different story. There’s a new girl. She’s slow, rude and complains loudly. She made me late to the second day of classes and I didn’t give her a tip or a smile. Take that newbie. I can only pray that she gets better. Okay, so maybe I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and crack a smile next time. The latte was…pretty good…so she may not be completely hopeless.

My French professor was as entertaining as ever today. She’s still in the over-emphasizing stage and it’s hilarious. Her face contorts in ways I never even thought was possible. We spend more time laughing than actually listening to the sounds she’s making.

I totally forgot how hard languages are. I was in 6th grade the last time I went through the beginnings of a language and my brain has gotten decidedly stupider since then. That, and Spanish is just easier.

I have one more class tonight: Portrait Drawing! I hope it’s as relaxed as figure drawing was last semester. Other people say they didn’t like the professor I had for that class. True, she had a very different style. She would mostly peruse the room, throwing out criticisms in a thick Korean accent, “Her arm is too short!” “He looks like a monkey. Do you want him to look like a monkey?!” “Too light! Make it daka!” Those other people just can’t handle the truth. Personally, I thrive under the dictator type. It makes me learn so much more than all of the encouragement some professors dish out. You see, when I have approval, I feel satisfied and don’t push myself. But when I have constant criticism, I try that much harder to get the rare approval. I think I may have actually received a few compliments from her, most of the time hidden behind a criticism, but a compliment none-the-less. “It’ssssss….better…” “It’s a good composition but she’s way out of proportion.” I learned more and improved more in her class than any other art class I have ever taken. So this Portrait Drawing class has quite the example to live up to.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Semester!

I've been having a blast with this GIMP photo program. I feel kind of dishonest, altering reality. Oh well, everyone else does it. Just prepare yourselves for a deluge of lies in photo form.

I just made fun of the narrator on a commercial for over-emphasizing a French word which leads me first day of the Spring semester!

French was great. The professor is about half my height, really spunky and has a strong French accent. Also, she loves to pick on her students; at any other time, this would have been grounds for class droppage, but I think I'll be able to handle it. I'm feeling secure enough to make a complete fool out of myself and come out none the worse for wear.

Today, we learned, "Bonjour, j'mapelle, Ashley." It sounded more like, "Bonju. Jay mapel, Ashley." I have a horrible amazing French accent.

Digital Imaging was fine and is going to be surprisingly cheaper than I thought. Whoopee!

In other news, I have finally decided to never have kids, only dogs. I know, I know, I'm a horrible human being with no feelings and I'm going to hell. Trust me, I'm way too selfish to ever care for a screaming ball of terror. And besides, dogs are cute for their whole lives, kids are ugly in the beginning and ugly in the end with only five years of cuteness in between, tops.
(note: I love kids. I do. Just not when I'm bound to them for the rest of my life and responsible for them...eating. I like to be the kind "Aunty" type. Swoop in, have some fun, tickle, spoil a lot, send 'em back.)
(note 2: Chances are, as soon as I get married all of this will change and I'll be a baby machine.)

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Greatest Bag (that Ashely has) Ever (made)

Tum-ta-tumm! So here are the pictures of the now finished bag:

Before strap:
The strap:
Totally finished!!!!
I have class tomorrow and I should be going to bed, but I just discovered a photo editing software and now I'm in danger of being up all night long. Gah.

Interesting Fact of the Day: I think I swallowed a piece of fuzz.

Almost Done!

I'm working on a bag from some yarn I got the other day. I kind of made up the pattern/swiped some ideas from a friend's bag. It looks horrible and misshapen now, but just you wait! In reality, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, I'm hoping some edging something-or-other will help. I have great hopes of it being the best bag in the world when I'm finished.

In other news, I was drinking perhaps the best coffee I have ever made for myself (I added coffee soy milk as creamer [!]) and when I finished it I looked down and realized half of it was on the front of me. Boo! I wanted those morsels of heavenly goodness! Oh well, I'll just have to make more. For those of you who don't know (and I say those of you like there's more than one person who occasionally reads this blog), my mother has a personal vendetta against my coffee consumption (which is extensive) so any opportunity to justify having more is truly a gift from God. (Fist pump).

For some reason, every time I listen to the song (as I am now), "Same Mistake" by James Blunt and he gets to the, "Ahoooo ooo ooo oo ooo ooo" part I think he's going to say "Arooogaa" like a submarine. It's a great song, James, but I've got to admit, a little disconcerting.

I talked to a good friend from Biola this afternoon. It had been a long time since I had talked to her and it was really nice to catch up. It made me a little sad because I miss my friends down there, but I'm happy where I am right now. A few months ago I wouldn't have been able to say that because I was pining for the loss of Biola, but now I would have to say that I wouldn't go back even if I had the opportunity. It took me quite a few months to move on and now that I have I'm actually able to be excited about the future. Anyway, I'm going to go finish The Greatest Bag Ever. Prepare yourself for its wonder...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Finally, Pictures!

So I've been trying to post some pictures lately but it takes so long! I don't know why, but I'll try again:

Success! This is our neighbor's road, very spooky, very mysterious

Same neighbor's pond. When I was younger I'd tromp through the blackberry bushes all around it and get all sorts of mosquito bites. It's amazing I never got Bird Flu.

This is the view from behind our house a summer or two ago. It's much greener now and by greener, I mean a different shade of brown. Now, there are some condos being built off to the left and a water treatment plant off to the right, but in the middle, it's all nature, baby.

And now, I have to go freak out at the Amazing Race finale on right now. Ah! RUN YOU FOOLS!

Edit: TK and Rachel won. Meh, they played the game well I suppose. To be honest, I would have been happy if any of them had one, they were all good teams this time around. Sigh, I can't wait until next season!

Wanted: Sven

My mom and I have both decided: we need one of these...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Poetry, How Thee Escapeth Me

Why is it that some people are really good at the poetry thing and some people (like me) are not? I am so horrible at it. I'm emotionally stunted and my rhyming skills are about as good as David Caruso's acting abilities. One time in high school English, we had to write a poem as an exercise. I don't remember the rest of it, but the last stanza went something like this:

Yes, those poets, they are hot
They can rhyme like holy snot
As for me, I cannot
So that is all the poem I've got.

Mmmm. That's the song of my soul right there.

On one last note, as an avid scone-basher I have criticized many a person for eating such things. I have, however, given them a second chance and now, I can't get enough of them. I'm picturing myself in a dark room, door closed, hair wild, madly shoving scones into my mouth before anyone comes home and finds out I'm such a hypocrite. Alas, such is life.

I'm Sick of Rhyming, How 'Bout You?

My mom and I went to a craft store down in Sacramento today. There we were, just driving, minding our own business, when I look off to the right and what do I see? Two men, in plain view of the road, peeing on the side of a Target. Geez.

At the fabric store I got 2 skeins of yarn. I'm really excited to use them but I'm forcing myself to finish the projects I'm working on now. I need a clean conscience when I knit. Speaking of knitting, I've noticed a distinct trend amongst some knitting blogs I've visited lately. 1) Pictures of random things completely unrelated to knitting, specifically, food. 2) All are in eastern, snowy areas. 3) All have cats and/or pugs.

Well, I don't have a cat, we failed at the doggage and I live on the West coast but I've decided to continue in at least one of these traditions (although I'm not a "knitting" blog) and post more pictures. I'm hoping it'll spruce up my blog and make things more interesting rather than a collection of long-winded posts, much like this one. Unfortunately, I have no pictures to post. I brought my camera with me today but I didn't take any pictures. I'm kicking myself for not snapping a picture of The Urinators.

A couple of days ago I was sitting in the living room, going about my business, when I heard a thump, thump, thump, BANG, thump, thump, BANG, thump, thump, BANG outside my door. Yes, it was our near-weekly telephone book delivery. My mom has become so fed-up with the sheer number of phone books in our house that she refuses to pick them up when they appear on our doorstep. I can't pick them up because she yells and threatens to disown me. Eventually, they just disappear and as a matter of fact, I just heard a rustle of a plastic bag which I'm sure were the sounds of it sprouting legs and walking away. I wonder where it went...

I've started wearing my retainers again after a 3 month hiatus and when I take it off I can feel my teeth going, creak! twang! boing! back to their comfortable, crooked ways. I will have none of it! I'm going to force them into submission!

Alright, I suppose that's enough for now. I really would like to post more but I risk making those "long-winded posts" I'm trying to avoid.

Interesting fact of the day: The very first bomb dropped by the Allies on Berlin during World War II killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

We bought a couch the other day and it was delivered today. The delivery people didn't mention until after we had paid for the delivery that they didn't "do" stairs, so we three go-get-'em women (we commandeered a neighbor) hauled it to the second floor; all very satisfying. It's a floral print and as pretentious as the Queen but, eh. It's been so long since we've even had a couch in our house that I've forgotten how fabulous it is. Great for sick, antisocial and comfort days. Oh, and knitting.

I mentioned before that I had some knitting to do, little did I know it would blossom into a full-blown maniacal obsession. First up on my knitting list: bags.
Bags, galore! And as you can see here, Grandma and I can never have enough bags. I'm very excited.

So, I've been thinking quite a bit lately and I'm just ready for a change. I'm ready for a career and a place of my own. It's not that I don't like living at home, because I do, it's just that I'm getting older and feeling more independent and our little apartment is starting to feel smaller and our town more funky by the day. I'm going North, baby! You know though, it's probably the cabin fever talking. I'm really looking forward to classes starting. Tuesday's just around the corner! Life will be back to its normal rhythm and all will be well with the world.

Re-instated Interesting Fact of the Day: A hemorrhoid-relief commercial wanted to use Johnny Cash's song, "Ring of Fire." His family refused.

beannachd leat

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

College Bookstore, Feel My Wrath!

The Internet is a fabulous thing. I need a textbook that originally would have been $176.60 but with some conniving and some finagling have managed to get it for $12.75. Maybe I can make this into a business! I love saving money.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Just a Trim and an Interim

Hhh. So I tried to make this blog cooler, I really did, but all I did was change the font. Then I realized I didn't like it, so I changed it back. I'm in a rut I tell you! A rut!

Today, guess what I did. Guess. No, not that. I trimmed my hair!! Now, it's just about long enough to itch my neck. Don't tell my mom though, because she said she'd give me 10 bucks if I let my hair grow...and I'm unemployed.

This vacation is so long!! I don't go back to school until the 22nd and let me tell you, it seems like 3 months from now. I need some homework! Just watch, the last week will fly by and soon I'll be begging for a break. Hey wait a second. I have some things I still want to do. I gotta go. I have to knit some scarves and crochet a shawl and read some books and...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

An Afterthought Post

Here is a drawing I started a little over a year ago and just finished last month. I used black and white Conté Crayon on tannish drawing paper. It took me all that time to get up the courage to finish it. I put on my "art" music, sipped my faux glass of wine and finished something for a change. I'm a great starter, a horrible finisher.

In a burst of ambition, I have decided to re-vamp the old blog. It'll be cooler, more awesome, and better. Or, I'll loose the enthusiasm, give up and it'll look exactly the same tomorrow. But I'll give it a good try! [cheesy grin]

See ya!

A Dingy Nurse and that Hadley Curse

So last night, I Googled my name. To be specific, I Google Imaged my name and really didn't come up with anything except a guy in Britan who plays soccer. But I did stumble across a website called and decided to check it out. First of all, I'm already a bit ticked cause the girl stole my web address that I will have in the future when I'm rich and famous (yeah right.) and then when I got there, I discovered...she's an artist too! Oh, the brutality of it all! My thunder has been stolen! Before I even got the lightning! Do you know what this means? I'm going to actually have to embrace my God-given name...Ashely. [painfully dramatic music.] Well, to be specific, it was the illiterate nurse who wrote my name on my birth certificate. Maybe she/he had a lot on her/his mind, or maybe she/he hadn't had her/his coffee that morning or maybe she/he hadn't graduated from high school. Whatever the case, it's done and I'm not going to spend a couple hundred to change a mistake that wasn't our fault. Besides, it sets me apart I guess. There are so many "Ashley's" in this world that now instead of being the "other Ashley that blends in with everyone else" I'll be the "Ashely with the name whose nurse must have been drunk." You know what? That's okay with me.

Speaking of art, I signed up for classes for Spring semester and I'm excited! I'm in an Adobe Illustrator class and maybe a Photoshop class. I'm also taking French, Portrait Drawing and Art History. Whoopee! I happened to see though, that the Illustrator class requires a field trip. Now, this would be cool but I'm not really...thrilled. Ever since 4th grade I've had a bit of bad luck with field trips. Mrs. Hadley was my teacher and without fail, every time we went on a field trip, it would rain. Pouring, soggy rain. I live in California, it doesn't rain that much, but for some reason, the skies would open up, bent on destroying our fun. I seem to have carried on this curse, and spread it around. Well, it'll be in the spring/summer so maybe this will be an end. Please! PLEASE!

au revoir! (I'm pre-practicing for my French class. haha!)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

An Accidental Rant and some Uprooted Plants

Ah, hello, home of my favorite blog, for I have many. Too many as a matter of fact. I think when I get a few minutes I’m going to go through and delete all the ones that aren’t worth keeping. Oh, and if I sound a little funny today, it's because I've been reading like a crazed maniac. I think my reading skills have regressed a bit in recent years, it's been a while since I've had time to actually sit down a read. It's taking me a couple days to get through these books. Then again, I'm finding it difficult to read and watch TV at the same time. Sigh, what's my brain coming to?

So I was watching Dr. Phil today and I admit it was a little more than sheer boredom that brought me past his show. This Christmas break has lowered my standards quite a bit. His guest was the doctor from the Bachelor a season or two ago (another show I admittedly watch with a passion, Christmas break or not) who recently wrote a book about women and men and dating, etc. called, Don’t be that Girl. It was kinda funny and a bit enlightening and he was pretty careful not to over-stereotype women. But this led me to start thinking about female stereotypes which led me to start thinking about my high school, freshman, beginning drama class which I mostly hated.

I mostly hated it because it was almost completely made up of improv exercises which I grew to loathe like a body hates pleather. The only way to be liked in that class was to be funny on cue, a skill I do not have now and especially not as an insecure, just-out-of-junior-higher. But I digress.

There was an exercise in this class where the girls had to somehow, en mass, attract the men to somehow cross the stage and over to our group. Now that I look back on it, I really don’t know what the point was, but at any rate, it was nauseating. As if all the girls had been programmed, each simultaneously developed swinging hips, a bigger chest and winking eyes. I suddenly felt very out of place and moved to the back of the group with a few other girls who looked just as uncertain as I did and waited it out.

Now, I know that high school girls aren’t exactly the best gauge of normal female behavior but why, in this day in age, are women often seen as brainless bimbos? We’re human beings with intelligence and feelings and personalities, not just pieces of meat for guys to use as ego boosters.

Aaaaand that turned into more of a rant than I had intended and I’m sorry. I know that not everyone sees things this way, and there are large amounts of exceptions to this…stereotype. But since coming back home, away from the constant Christian environment of Biola, I’ve been noticing this sort of thing happening more and more, guys taking advantage of girls or seeing them just as a way to get sex. I’m sorry if I sound jaded. I’m not, really.

At the expense of making this post way too long, I have to say something about the crazy weather we’ve been having here on the West Coast. Wind, rain, downed trees, power outages, debris, flooding, blizzards. Since I don’t actually have to go out in it (Christmas break) it’s exciting!! But during the worst of it, there wasn’t a road in California that didn’t have a few accidents on it.

My best friend, Anneliése, has a quote of the day on her blog, so I’m going to do a variation (Considering I tend towards antisocial-only-childness and don’t have the kind of exposure to society needed to hear conversations from actual people.)

Interesting and/or pointless fact of the day: I accidentally used my mom’s toothbrush last night. I gagged.

Friday, January 4, 2008


HaHAaaa! I'm back. Here's Grandma:

It's just graphite on canvas, 11x14. that I see in online, there are some things I want to change. Sometimes seeing things in a more objective environment makes you see things that you didn't notice before.

Anyway, AH! I have to go, my internet is dwindling more than I thought it was. It's a thorn I tell you! A thorn in my side!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Ah! I'm always suprised when I remember my login information for this blog. I don't have to type it in very often, so it's especially satisfying when I don't get an error message.

Hello, it's been quite a few days since my last post. "Why, Ashely," you say, "where have you been?! My favorite part of the day was cruelly ripped from my life!" "Ha ha!" I laugh regally as I look down my nose, "I simply didn't have time, my subjects."

So then, after I pull my head out of my tokhes, I tell you the truth: I have no internet at home! Well, not even that's really the truth. My mother has decided we don't need to pay for internet when there's a "perfectly good" free internet already installed on our computers. The only drawback to this saintly internet is that there are only 10 hours available per month, per household. A distinct problem when considering my internet addiction and the fact that it's dial-up. It takes about a minute and a half just to load one page, so I have given up on the life of luxury, and have decided to use the library internet. Less convenient? Why, yes! Freezing cold under the air conditioner in 30 degree winter weather? How did you know?! Everyone looking at your browser and judging you for your scifi addiction? Yes.

I suppose it's a matter of attitude. I should just pull up my socks and take it, but unfortunately my fallen nature is preventing me from willingly giving up my sole source of entertainment, especially during the Winter vacation when really, who has anything to do but look up useless knowledge? I feel totally disconnected; helpless and friendless.

I'm balling up my fists in frustration, a pathetic, defeated sound ready to escape my lips when suddenly I realize I'm in the library and the only sounds allowed are breathing and the occasional sneeze. I swallow it.

On another note: today, I bought a new purse. It's adorable and I'm thoroughly excited. I am my grandmother's granddaughter; she buys a new purse every other day in a new color and size, feeding a raging addiction. Oh, and speaking of grandmothers, I finished a portrait of my grandma last night. When I save up some internet minutes at home I'll post it.

I should be off, there's a huge storm blowing in for the next few days, and I don't want to get caught in it.

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