Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Dingy Nurse and that Hadley Curse

So last night, I Googled my name. To be specific, I Google Imaged my name and really didn't come up with anything except a guy in Britan who plays soccer. But I did stumble across a website called and decided to check it out. First of all, I'm already a bit ticked cause the girl stole my web address that I will have in the future when I'm rich and famous (yeah right.) and then when I got there, I discovered...she's an artist too! Oh, the brutality of it all! My thunder has been stolen! Before I even got the lightning! Do you know what this means? I'm going to actually have to embrace my God-given name...Ashely. [painfully dramatic music.] Well, to be specific, it was the illiterate nurse who wrote my name on my birth certificate. Maybe she/he had a lot on her/his mind, or maybe she/he hadn't had her/his coffee that morning or maybe she/he hadn't graduated from high school. Whatever the case, it's done and I'm not going to spend a couple hundred to change a mistake that wasn't our fault. Besides, it sets me apart I guess. There are so many "Ashley's" in this world that now instead of being the "other Ashley that blends in with everyone else" I'll be the "Ashely with the name whose nurse must have been drunk." You know what? That's okay with me.

Speaking of art, I signed up for classes for Spring semester and I'm excited! I'm in an Adobe Illustrator class and maybe a Photoshop class. I'm also taking French, Portrait Drawing and Art History. Whoopee! I happened to see though, that the Illustrator class requires a field trip. Now, this would be cool but I'm not really...thrilled. Ever since 4th grade I've had a bit of bad luck with field trips. Mrs. Hadley was my teacher and without fail, every time we went on a field trip, it would rain. Pouring, soggy rain. I live in California, it doesn't rain that much, but for some reason, the skies would open up, bent on destroying our fun. I seem to have carried on this curse, and spread it around. Well, it'll be in the spring/summer so maybe this will be an end. Please! PLEASE!

au revoir! (I'm pre-practicing for my French class. haha!)

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