Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day Two of New Semester

Normally, I’m a nice person. A very nice person. Having worked in the service industry, I have a healthy respect for people who wait on me in various capacities. I always say thank you with a big smile and even, occasionally, let them walk all over me as I stand timidly agreeing, wanting to cause as little trouble as possible. But when it comes to those handling my morning coffee, a completely different person takes over; Ms. Walker and Ms. Wheeler. For the last two semesters more or less the same people have been making my coffee. They know what I want: type of latte, milk, size, shots, temperature, etc. Well let me just tell you, this semester…completely different story. There’s a new girl. She’s slow, rude and complains loudly. She made me late to the second day of classes and I didn’t give her a tip or a smile. Take that newbie. I can only pray that she gets better. Okay, so maybe I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and crack a smile next time. The latte was…pretty good…so she may not be completely hopeless.

My French professor was as entertaining as ever today. She’s still in the over-emphasizing stage and it’s hilarious. Her face contorts in ways I never even thought was possible. We spend more time laughing than actually listening to the sounds she’s making.

I totally forgot how hard languages are. I was in 6th grade the last time I went through the beginnings of a language and my brain has gotten decidedly stupider since then. That, and Spanish is just easier.

I have one more class tonight: Portrait Drawing! I hope it’s as relaxed as figure drawing was last semester. Other people say they didn’t like the professor I had for that class. True, she had a very different style. She would mostly peruse the room, throwing out criticisms in a thick Korean accent, “Her arm is too short!” “He looks like a monkey. Do you want him to look like a monkey?!” “Too light! Make it daka!” Those other people just can’t handle the truth. Personally, I thrive under the dictator type. It makes me learn so much more than all of the encouragement some professors dish out. You see, when I have approval, I feel satisfied and don’t push myself. But when I have constant criticism, I try that much harder to get the rare approval. I think I may have actually received a few compliments from her, most of the time hidden behind a criticism, but a compliment none-the-less. “It’ssssss….better…” “It’s a good composition but she’s way out of proportion.” I learned more and improved more in her class than any other art class I have ever taken. So this Portrait Drawing class has quite the example to live up to.

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Anneliese said...

hahaha, "make it daka!"

that reminds me of our Ahnold day..."dis stoopid brash!"