Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Semester!

I've been having a blast with this GIMP photo program. I feel kind of dishonest, altering reality. Oh well, everyone else does it. Just prepare yourselves for a deluge of lies in photo form.

I just made fun of the narrator on a commercial for over-emphasizing a French word which leads me to...my first day of the Spring semester!

French was great. The professor is about half my height, really spunky and has a strong French accent. Also, she loves to pick on her students; at any other time, this would have been grounds for class droppage, but I think I'll be able to handle it. I'm feeling secure enough to make a complete fool out of myself and come out none the worse for wear.

Today, we learned, "Bonjour, j'mapelle, Ashley." It sounded more like, "Bonju. Jay mapel, Ashley." I have a horrible amazing French accent.

Digital Imaging was fine and is going to be surprisingly cheaper than I thought. Whoopee!

In other news, I have finally decided to never have kids, only dogs. I know, I know, I'm a horrible human being with no feelings and I'm going to hell. Trust me, I'm way too selfish to ever care for a screaming ball of terror. And besides, dogs are cute for their whole lives, kids are ugly in the beginning and ugly in the end with only five years of cuteness in between, tops.
(note: I love kids. I do. Just not when I'm bound to them for the rest of my life and responsible for them...eating. I like to be the kind "Aunty" type. Swoop in, have some fun, tickle, spoil a lot, send 'em back.)
(note 2: Chances are, as soon as I get married all of this will change and I'll be a baby machine.)

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