Saturday, January 26, 2008

Space: the Final Frontier

There is nothing quite as wonderful as classic Star Trek. "Wha?" You may say. "Yes," say I. It's so ridiculous that I just fall in love with it every time I watch it. It's the perfect show to watch on a cloudy day with a cup-a-joe and a comfy couch. All of which I have. All of the science fiction shows these days with their fancy visual effects and their over-paid actors may be "cool" but Star Trek was the pioneer. They started a revolution. They set themselves apart with such wonderful creative ideas like the Tribbles and cutting edge make-up and prop people who created these horned dog-things:

This image property of CBS Studios, Inc.

I think though, above all else, the hyper-practical miniskirt uniforms are what immortalize this show for all time. Who in their right mind designed those things? I'll tell you who, a chauvinistic, narrow-minded meat head [genius] from the 60s. Ah, the good old days, 'twas a simpler time.

My mom came home from work today with a plethora of produce. Look!

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(X_x)FEAR(x_X) said...

I must say that I agree. Special effects only get you so far.