Thursday, January 3, 2008


Ah! I'm always suprised when I remember my login information for this blog. I don't have to type it in very often, so it's especially satisfying when I don't get an error message.

Hello, it's been quite a few days since my last post. "Why, Ashely," you say, "where have you been?! My favorite part of the day was cruelly ripped from my life!" "Ha ha!" I laugh regally as I look down my nose, "I simply didn't have time, my subjects."

So then, after I pull my head out of my tokhes, I tell you the truth: I have no internet at home! Well, not even that's really the truth. My mother has decided we don't need to pay for internet when there's a "perfectly good" free internet already installed on our computers. The only drawback to this saintly internet is that there are only 10 hours available per month, per household. A distinct problem when considering my internet addiction and the fact that it's dial-up. It takes about a minute and a half just to load one page, so I have given up on the life of luxury, and have decided to use the library internet. Less convenient? Why, yes! Freezing cold under the air conditioner in 30 degree winter weather? How did you know?! Everyone looking at your browser and judging you for your scifi addiction? Yes.

I suppose it's a matter of attitude. I should just pull up my socks and take it, but unfortunately my fallen nature is preventing me from willingly giving up my sole source of entertainment, especially during the Winter vacation when really, who has anything to do but look up useless knowledge? I feel totally disconnected; helpless and friendless.

I'm balling up my fists in frustration, a pathetic, defeated sound ready to escape my lips when suddenly I realize I'm in the library and the only sounds allowed are breathing and the occasional sneeze. I swallow it.

On another note: today, I bought a new purse. It's adorable and I'm thoroughly excited. I am my grandmother's granddaughter; she buys a new purse every other day in a new color and size, feeding a raging addiction. Oh, and speaking of grandmothers, I finished a portrait of my grandma last night. When I save up some internet minutes at home I'll post it.

I should be off, there's a huge storm blowing in for the next few days, and I don't want to get caught in it.

gutn tog

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