Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hello, My Name is Ashely, and I'm a Coffoholic

I'm at school early today. Once upon a time the mere thought of getting to school at 7:30am would have made me nauseous but now, I kind of like it. It gives me some time to focus and either work on some homework or say, blog.

I discovered this morning that I've sold another book! Huzzah! Suddenly I have some money but instead of spending it like I usually do, I'm feeling the need to hoard. I used to spend every penny I got (and I literally mean, counting pennies. One time I was searching for change around the vending machine.) on coffee. Now that I'm making my own and bringing it to school, it's like a whole new me has emerged! I'm free! I'm free of the bondage! Well, at least until something happens to keep me from my Daily Dose, then I'm back to square one.

You know when you really love a show and you watch it any chance you get, or even mold your schedule around it so you can be home to watch it? But then, just watching it isn't enough so you look it up online, and then you start to read blogs, and watch extra features and start thinking about attending a convention but because you're too poor you start to read other people's accounts of conventions and suddenly the actors that you once thought were so cool turn out to be real people with real problems and some of them even turn out to be unreasonably finicky or just jerks and then all at once this fog clears and you realize that the whole thing is just a big mess and all of this obsession you've been harboring has just been a royal mistake and it's really not all that cool anymore. You should have just left well enough alone. You wrecked a good thing. Well, maybe not completely wreaked. You still visit the website and you still watch the show and read the blogs, but the whole thing doesn't have that saintly glow anymore. Sigh. You miss that saintly glow.

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