Sunday, July 5, 2009

Detoxify That Sugar High

Every summer I get on a kick to eat healthier. It lasts a good month until all the new, fresh fruits run out in the grocery store and I start storing up extra calories for the long winter months (which, really, is a formality because when does California actually get a decent winter?). Last summer it was flexitarianism which, admittedly, was pretty lame. This summer it's refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

I know. My beloved grande, sugar-free, fat-free, extra hot, no foam hazelnut latte. This may be the hardest thing to kick. Because I love that GSFFFEHNFHL, my soul mate. I may have to allow myself an indulgence once a week. We have too long a history to just quit cold turkey.

Although, this does help with my decision to cut back on buying coffee so I can save up for this car.

Anyway, so here's to kicking refined sugar (except in milk and other dairy products and the occasional latte)!!

Go summer.

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neighboUr said...

you just googled "most expensive car" didn't you? hahahahha

oh man.

sob. come back.