Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 Days 'Till Christmas!

It is 1:45 am, I have just finished writing two (2!) 6 page research papers, am feeling a bit anemic, eyes are kinda sandy and for some reason I just couldn't resist a quick jump through the blog. It's a sickness! I don't even have anything to say! Oh. I have one thing to say: I have one (1!) extra credit assignment to finish tomorrow and then I am completely done for this entire semester. Knitting, Stargate and PJs here I come!! don't want to go anywhere, think about anything or breathe for a good month. Scratch that pre-New Year's resolution. I'm keeping this hibernation weight and I'm puttin' on more!

I should go before I start acting like an hysterical lunatic in my empty living room. I'm a bit delirious. Alright. Time to scrape myself off this recliner. I'm pretty sure my tokhes has fused to the cushion. Mmm...yep. It has.

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