Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hodge Podge

Artist's block continues. Only now, it's spreading to my walking, talking and thinking skills. I treated myself to some comfort food when I got home. I liked it. Also, two bananas.

Today was another day, despite my chronic block, that was entirely dedicated to art. Class, homework, getting my art show piece ready (Dave again). It feels good.

I said I was going to try and add some more color in here, so with that in mind I used a sanguine pastel tonight. It may have been an experiment gone horribly awry but it's kind of growing on me. (He was wearing overalls by the way). I think I'm going to stick with it for a couple more class sessions. Just to see.

I half-heartedly drew the next pose (with Amanda) and I'd post it in all it's horror to show you that even mega-artists like myself make mistakes sometimes, haughty laugh, but my camera is dead. (Sarcastic).

I'm a little excited about this torso I made in sculpture. It's totally a copy of Rodin's Torso of a Man only shorter, pudgier and smoother...with a bellybutton. Let's just say it was inspired by Rodin. That sounds better.

I need to read more. I'm getting back into my Jane Austen mood. I'm going to take the whole weekend off to read. No blog. No TV. No people. Nothing. (Except early morning hangout with neighbour and church on Sunday.) P.S. neighbour, bring The Scarlet Pimpernel! I'm reclaiming it as our movie. Jealous? Who's jealous?

Oh, and the Month of New Things is up, I'll post a recap tomorrow.

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neighbour said...

that looks like steven...but with clothes on. is it? ;)