Monday, April 14, 2008

100 Mostly Mediocre Posts!

It's my 100th post! [fanfare! streamers! people yelling happy things!] I wish I could say I had something special in store for this post but, unfortunately, I don't.

I didn't post a church bulletin yesterday because my drawing skills were so atrocious I couldn't even bring myself to let my mom see it. I donno. I think I'm a little artistically...stopped up [do you see what I did there? I was going to say constipated.]. I'm just burnt out on drawing, specifically, drawing people. It'll only last a couple days at most, but we have models in class tonight. It's going to be a bloodbath of smudged charcoal and failed sketches.

Since I'm in a rut, here's some amazing work from some actual artists, not just lame-oes like me:

First, Dave Rau and Josh Bertrand created a digital collage, "The Horseman Meets the Oarsman" and are releasing the files they used for other artists to create their own collages.

So cool! I started mine yesterday. It's still in the "I suck" stage.

Secondly, Larry Roibal takes prominent figures and sketches them with a ballpoint pen on newspaper! Kind of reminds me of the church bulletin...

(I would post some of his work but I'm sure it's horribly illegal. Actually. The "Horseman" thing is probably illegal too but...meh.)

Hhhh...If you ever want to kill your self esteem, shop for summer clothes after a long winter hibernation. I have a blogger butt. Ugh. I had a blogger butt even before I was a blogger! I guess it's time to suck it up and get a gym membership.


Larry said...

When I saw on my Word-press dashboard that my blog had been linked under the title "100 Mostly Mediocre Posts!" I thought I was in for a major league dissing. So, having braced myself for the worst, I was pleasantly surprised by your kind words and I thank you. I also checked out your drawings. You're much too hard on yourself, they're very good. I've sketched countless backs of heads on the train and it's no easy task. Good work.

Glorysgirl said...

My favorite part about Life Drawing was the fact that I think they brought in the models from off the street and I swear there is nothing worse than spending a semester drawing the large naked older woman who you then have to pass on the corner later in the day and feel dirty giving her a few bucks. Inappropriate? Hope your art-ness gets back into gear soon. Oh ya and I stalk you through Anneliese now - she says your blogs are amusing so I've added one more to the reading list :)