Sunday, April 27, 2008

It is hot in here, or is it just me?

It was hot enough today to turn on the air conditioner. The whoosh of the fan as it started mingled with the sound of my soul leaving my body.

Perhaps that was a bit dramatic. Let me rephrase.

It was really hot today, I had to turn on the air conditioner, this officially means the end of cold days and the beginning of a long summer of heat where California will most certainly burn. No more hot coffee, no more knitting in the afternoon, no more blankets and good movies. Sigh.

Actually the rephrase was more dramatic. Luckily I have some of this mint chocolate ice cream to calm me down. My mood may be affected by the fact that I'm watching the episode of Stargate: Atlantis (oh stop. you know you watch it.) where Carson Beckett my favorite character dies a horrible, pointless, morbid death by exploding tumor. That's right. Exploding tumor. Wouldn't that make your life more complicated. Carson!! CARSON!! Come back!! Oh, he does? Okay.

And now that I've let my geek out for some fresh air, it's time to put it back in it's dark little room.

I would post some church notes today, but I'm pretty sure my mom threw them away. Meh. They weren't that post-worthy.

I have this sketch journal that's made out of what looks like paper bags. I believe it's called Green House. It has a great texture to it. I take it around with me and draw little things I see throughout the day. Look at it?! Doesn't it just SCREAM nature?!

Also, I finished a hat! Cap Karma Hat. I kind of piddled around with the pattern before, if you remember, but never actually finished anything. It's huge. I made it that way intentionally because I wanted a hat that's a little more slouchy. It worked! It was super easy.

Hm. I guess I should start something for dinner. Oh! I almost forgot. I have become a flexitarian. "What?!" you say? It means that I'm a vegetarian unless the situation requires such as social reasons. Actually, it's just a really lame and complicated way of saying I don't eat pork or red meat and only other meats like chicken or turkey if I have to. Fish is a freebie.

1 comment:

neighbour said...

wait, what?!? no meat = WHY

i thought you loved meat...i guess i don't really know you anymore, who are you.*sniff*

i think your overly dramatic post made me overly dramatic. i guess we are kindred spirits afterall, my bosom friend ;)