Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kilts, Boys: A Mystery

I am under the impression that Irish people have more fun than Americans. Correct me if I'm wrong. Watch just about any Irish person sing with a pint in their hand and I guarantee you they're enjoying themselves more than you.

Speaking about that general part of the world, what's with the kilt wearers? That old, cliché question, "do they wear anything under those things?" still, for me, goes unanswered. It's like the only people who really know are the actual kilt-wearers and they're not tellin'. It's part of their kiltish code to keep people guessing. My theory is that whatever they're not wearing underneath, they put in that little bag they carry around their waist. Just my theory.

Wait! Hold the presses! I have something very important to say and it has to do with yarn! So, on Saturday, my mom and I went to a surprise birthday party for Kayla, a girl we used to babysit. She turned 16. She was a far better birthday girl than I ever was or ever will be. I've always had a hard time with all the attention. It invariably goes to my head and I become an obnoxious, smart-mouthed, only child...but I digress. Her brother (in jr. high, I might add) crochets. Yes. That's right. Crocheting has become the cool thing for jr. high boys to do in their free time. Beanies, sweat bands, all very cool to a 13 year old boy. Apparently next on their to-do list is to sew a pair of fuzzy boxer shorts. Ah--...I-...It must be a boy thing.

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carissa anne said...

YES. boys are weird. i don't care what they say about girls being complicated. boys(/men) may be simple creatures, but i still don't understand them. maybe it's because you and i never had brothers?