Monday, April 21, 2008


These are my grandparents. My grandpa died when I was about 4. I get most of my love for art from him. He played three or 4 instruments and had some amazing drawing and carpentry skills. My mom took his love for wood, I took his love for music and sketching.

My grandma is from Spain. She doesn't speak Spanish anymore but a phrase or saying will come back to her every once in a while. I think she remembers more when she visits her siblings. She raised 9 kids on a strict budget. She loves babies and can't pass one up without squealing with delight and rubbing its head. I get my independence and my hair color from her.

I didn't spend all of this weekend in thoughtful contemplation as I said I would but I did spend most of Saturday afternoon thinking about my family as I drew these little portraits. My mom is really interested in genealogies and heritage. She has lists and photographs that go back hundreds of years. Most of them look a bit grumpy and a bit seedy but they all have interesting stories. I've never been much of a history buff. I find myself so frustrated that I can't know exactly what the time period was like or that some huge events in history are entirely based on hearsay or tiny bits of pottery. I get so overwhelmed with unanswered questions that I just give up and focus my attention on something more tangible. Maybe it's laziness, maybe it's too much curiosity, who knows.

Oh, Blog. I missed you this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

you sound so reflective and artsy in this post!