Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Foray to the Dentist

Today I engaged in an epic battle...and won. I confronted my dentist phobia head on and was met with such a puny excuse for an adversary that I laughed in its face [after I stomped on its foot]. My best-case scenario was worse than what actually happened. I do, however, have to get my wisdom teeth taken out but I'm okay with this.

Apparently, it's uncommon for me to think coffee tastes a bit like chicken. I caused a bit of a ruckus when I told the x-ray technician who told a dental assistant who yelled, "What?! Chicken?!" at which point the rest of the office heard. It's okay. I stand by my convictions.

Also, I gained a bit more of an understanding of why I get anxious around the color teal. I was sitting in the dentist's chair, minding my own business, trying to force deep breaths through my panic-stricken trachea, when I looked down and saw...teal! my spit bib! teal!

Today was a glorious realization of potential.

I'm trying my hand at watercolor. It's failing miserably so I got a couple books at the library. I'm so intimidated by non-dry media!

1 comment:

neighbour said...

LOL! I just gagged on my candy

"teal! my spit bib! teal!"

ps- you're weird and you should know. chicken? teal? hhhhhhhhh