Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Winston Randall IV (Why Four? Why Not?)

I'm putting the very last finishing touches on Winston Randall IV, previously known as Old Man, Old Guy and Oldie. Did some hollowing out on the inside, a harrowing process. Basically what happens is you slice the sculpture in half, in WR's case, we hacked off the back of his head and shoulders. Then, you carve out what you can inside each piece, making it pretty even. I never realize how much of an idiot I am until I hollow out a sculpture. Today I found that WR had absolutely no support in his neck. Basically, I sculpted him with a ready-made slit throat. So I fixed that, put some clay here, scraped there and bada-bing! I reattached him only to find out his edges had drifted about an inch. Hhhh...I hate hollowing. The chances of him blowing in the kiln are in the mid to high maybes. "Yellow alert," if you will. (Star Trek foreva! Blaaaaa!)

Our dishwasher is running right now and it sounds like it's about to take off.

Speaking of cleaning, apparently one must vacuum more than once. It's a continual thing. That's ridiculous. Kind of like "embiggen" and "methinks" are ridiculous as words (real or otherwise). If I take the time to vacuum, the floor should at least have the consideration to stay clean and linty free.

We got one of those digital receiver box thingy mabobber doodledeedoos. The TV stations were pushing them on us and we caved (not like we really have a choice, apparently). It's a mild form of amazing. It's like free cable! With only 15 channels! Oh the wonder of modern technology.

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