Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I want to be an illustrator. 2 hours ago, I wanted to be an animator. By tonight, I'll want to do visual effects. I'm doing some intense research on art schools, which ones are plausible, affordable, etc.

So as I was (mostly) taking a break from technology this weekend I started doing a bit of introspection and discovered I have a lot of odd quirks and neurosis (mostly neurosis):

  • I carry packets of creamer in my purse just in case there's a coffee emergency and there isn't any readily available
  • I play Jeopardy online and I like it
  • When people touch my shoulders it sends a shock wave down my spine
  • My oranges have to be completely white-free. If there's even the slightest hint of whiteness I gag. It takes me about an hour to eat one
  • I mouth hypothetical conversations to myself as I walk around in public. I never thought of it as being strange until I saw someone else do it and then I realized I look like the bag lady who roams the residential areas
  • I can't just watch one episode of a season. I have to watch and watch until I've conquered the whole series. More often than not it's within a day
  • I cannot stand the smell of fake lemon scent. When I was younger, I spent a day blorching into a lemon scented trash bag. I've never been the same
Other than that I'm pretty normal.


carissa anne said...

it's not that weird to have hypothetical conversations... is it? hypothetically speaking...

and when i was in sixth grade i had the worst stomach flu of my life. my mother made me eat jello, but all it made me do was throw up in many different colors. needless to say i dont eat a lot of flavored gelatin these days.

Anonymous said...

hahahah you started using someecards like meeeeeeeeee so now do i get a spot on your linkage of "inspiration"s??!?!

i have hypothetical conversations in my head...but usually with accents i'd like to test out. hopefully i haven't been mouthing them :S