Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Office is Back!

Well, it's here. The Office is back and I may piddle like a little dog for the excitement of it all.

My ringtone is still The Office theme song. Has been for a long time. The background on my phone is still Michael. Has been for a long time. I am a loyal fan.

Small rant: I am UNhappy with the direction Jan's life is taking. She used to have dignity! She was smart! Successful! Now what is she? A dried up shell of a human being with designer boobs. Come back! Come back, Jan!!

So I'm snacking on sunflower seeds and I tend to put a chunk in my cheek and go from there. Every once in a while I get a sneaky suspicion there's something other than a sunflower seed in my mouth [a bug]. Like right now. It's followed by body convulsion and instant gag reflex. Like right now.

Watch The Office tonight at 9pm on NBC!!!


carissa anne said...

okay so i just finished project runway (via youtube). Christian is so dorky! and i didn't like his collection that much. and i was sad for Jillian and Rami because theirs were both so good. but Christian had to win. it was written in the script. i mean the stars. :]

carissa anne said...

oh AND i watched the office and Michael and Jan were almost TOO hard to watch. almost. and what was up with Jim almost abandoning Pam?