Saturday, April 12, 2008

Macaroons! Why Dost Thou Hateth Me?!

I'm in! Blogger has been sending me in circles for the past day and this is the first time I've been able to actually log in. Yay!

Last night I felt a little ambitious and decided to bake something. After discovering we had next to no ingredients in the cupboards, I finally settled on macaroons. I mean, after all, they only require 4 things: vanilla, sugar, coconut, and egg whites. Fool proof, right? You'd think so, but no. After literally dripping the goo-batter on the pan (which should have been my first warning) I stuck them in the oven only to have them turn into something I can only describe as a "mutant alien." They first melted, then fused to the (pre-greased) pan. I had to use a fork to pry up their sad lifeless bodies. Determined to try again, I mixed another batch only to have my mom complain about the noise I was making and kill what little willpower I had left. They're uncooked and sitting in the fridge.

I'm trying to get together some art pieces for a student art show coming up next week. I'm very last minute in everything I do. I actually think I work better under pressure, however stressful and ulcer-inducing.

Well, I'd better go. We have a (surprise) birthday party to go to tonight. She's a budding artist, sigh, it makes my heart proud. (Just as long as she's not my competition, it which case I will be a ruthless killing machine...kidding! I'm just kidding...or am I?)

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carissa anne said...

thanks for your nice comment. and i'm not hating on Christian. he's cute in an obnoxious way. i knew he was going to win all along. he just didn't finish as strong as one would have hoped.

i don't bake because i am not a precise person. precise people bake. creative people cook. people who are both decorate amazing cakes and go on Food network.