Friday, February 1, 2008


I realized my blog needed something visual to offset all the talking I've been doing, so I decided to post this!

It's Michaelangelo's "David." We did it as one of our final projects in Figure Drawing and then it was in a community art showish, more of a hole in the wall type deal for about a month. I got it back a couple nights ago so, voila! The medium is watercolor pastel and ink. I was playing around with it in Photoshop and I realized that I could make it look so much better if it were darker and was really tempted just to do it. That falls under the "unethical lies" category so I decided against it. I'll just have to do it in real life and re-post.

I did edit it a bit though (see: fig leaf), not because I'm a sissy about manhood, but just because I didn't really want to see Bill and Larry staring at me every time I logged into my blog.

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