Friday, February 29, 2008


I am currently watching "Brigadoon" for the second time in two days. Not by choice, mind you. My mom and I have this annoying routine, she'll pick a movie I don't want to watch, then she'll fall asleep with the remote in her hand that I'm too lazy to get up and retrieve, so I end up watching the whole thing. Then, the next night my mom will say, "What happened in 'insert movie title here'? I fell asleep! Let's watch it again." I'll cringe and sometimes whine about how I just watched it but I never win. On especially obnoxious bouts she'll give it a good three or four tries to watch one movie while I continue to die a little inside.

This particular cycle isn't so bad. Although he's a bit of a pantywaste, I happen to find Van Johnson oddly attractive...well, the living version...from movies, not the dead version from real life. Gene Kelly, though, meh. He's a bit dramatic for my taste (*dodges irate old women*).

I've been fighting a headache all day for reasons I won't even admit to myself let alone on the internet. (Let's just say it has something to do with teeth and an intense phobia of dentists.) I'm going to go soothe my problems away with some cookies and milk. OH! I still have a scone from yesterday! Score.

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