Monday, February 11, 2008


I think I used to have a sense of smell at one point in my life, for that matter, maybe even taste. It seems so long ago I can't even remember. Yes, that's right my blogging friends, I'm still sick and by still sick I mean sicker. I've never had a cold/flu that actually got better and then worse, but my mom and I both caught this one. I got sick after her and then she conveniently caught pneumonia which means I have gotten no sympathy/pampering/affection/chicken noodle soup; I have to give it to her. I'm not getting it at home so I've turned to other less scrupulous places, like the internet. I'm a broken soul!

Today, on the way home from my mom's doctor's appointment, we stopped at Lofty Lou's Yarn Shop just to have a look (because knitting is taking over my life). I did not meet Lou herself, but did meet her sidekick whose name I unfortunately didn't get. After much chatting and mental eye-poppage at how expensive this new addiction of mine is, I left about an hour later with a mission: I am going to learn how to spin my own yarn. It's officially #4 on my "Ashely's new and odd neuroses" list. I got some wool fiber and a drop spindle, of which I am very proud. See:

I'll post pictures on my progress. So far, all I have is some lumpy, spun yarn and a gob of sheep fiber up my stuffed sinuses. I'm very excited!

Also! On the knitting front, I got a bunch of yarn (not at Lou's) last night and now I finally have enough to start a sweater project I've been dying to do. I don't know which sweater project yet...I have about 298725.03 I would like to do. Anyway, it's just some dark gray. I figured I'd start relatively low key and work my way up to impressive.

Here are just some things to check off the "Shopping List".
While I was in picture taking mode I also took a picture of a scarf I've been working on for...about too long. It should have been finished ages ago, but I let myself get distracted with things like spinning my own yarn.

Alright that's enough for now. Time to convalesce. I need some tea, any body got any tea?

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