Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Some single people see Valentine's Day as the blackest day of the year. I, however, care not. Well, maybe I care just a little bit but not enough to make me binge on chocolate and watch tragically romantic movies while sobbing uncontrollably at the pointlessness of my existence filled with cruel mocking and pain. Hm. Well anyway,

My mom went to the thrift store today and purchased this:

It has apparently been earmarked for my future children. Well, if you recall, I have decided to only own pets, not children, so it can be for my future husband's nieces and/or nephews. One of the many things they can do while coming to Auntie Ashely's [who is so cool] to be spoiled.

These thrift store excursions are usually wildly unsuccessful, filled with purchasing odd clothing, knick-knacks that will only collect dust and the occasional audio tape. Do they even sell cassette players anymore? Today however was totally different. I was very impressed. My mom got me 2 cardigans and a jacket, all of which are absolutely adorable. She also bought this amazing book:

It came with a little flashlight so you can project the shadow pages on the wall!

In other [political] news, Mitt Romney has now decided to endorse John McCain. If Mitt, by some freak chance gets put on the ballot with McCain and if by an even freakier chance gets elected president, I'm defecting and moving to Canada. That's all I have to say on the subject.

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