Saturday, March 1, 2008

What? Antimatter? Cosmic Rays? Gravitational Waves?! Nooooooooo!

Today I was doing a bit of clicking in my iTunes and came across an old podcast I used to listen to. All about physics and astronomy. Suddenly this wave of nausea rolled over me and I got a bit lightheaded. The simple memory of those 3 dark years of physics majordom was enough to stop me in my tracks. Once I got over this though, I started to reminisce and now I feel kind of sad. I miss those years in a way. I had wanted to be an astrophysicist since Jr. High. I spent so many hours dreaming about my job and what I'd study. Something happened when I got to college, though. It wasn't fun anymore. I've been taking a bit of a hiatus from astronomy for awhile just because I got so overloaded, but maybe it's time to take it up [as a hobby] again. Darn you Absence. Making my heart grow fonder.

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