Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Today, I Become an Artist...

...actually, it was yesterday. Details, details. What brought about this change, ask you? Well let me tell you. Someone was interested enough in my work to offer me money. It seems like not that big of a deal but it really was. That, and I felt really cute and artish looking yesterday...which helped. It has given me a certain amount of confidence I didn't have before. More confidence in a "I need to get much better and here's my renewed drive to be assertive" and not a "I'm so much better than you and I have nothing more to learn" way.

Here in California, Spring is rearing its ugly little head. The sun is coming out and birds are chirping and there's a general feeling of happiness hanging in the air that just makes me sick. Winter! Why hast thou forsaken me?! I decided though, since it's pretty inescapable, I might as well play along. I took my camera around with me all day. Since green is my favorite color and is indisputably springy it was my color-scheme of choice:

Meanwhile, in the political world, CBS News has interrupted Big Brother 9 Till Death Do Us Part twice. Twice! Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont, how dare you do anything newsworthy on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday! During the best part! Katie Curic, you're going down. DOWN.