Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Smmmmmm...Yup, Definitely Clean Air

This will be my month of trying new things. Since we're already over halfway into March, we'll make it from March 19th to April 19th. I tend to get stuck in ruts and I'm ready to break it.

New thing of the day: I'm trying my hand at appreciating poetry. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I fail quite miserably at it. Well, no more! I picked up the Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson in honor of Women's Awareness Month and am tolerating it. Actually I have enjoyed quite a few and loved "In a Library" to which I could definitely relate. Also in honor of this month I picked up a biography of Marie Curie and The Years by Virginia Woolf. Nobody tell me if it's bad! I don't want to know! I have to figure it out by myself or I will never read it.

Hhhhhhhhh...The E-Town hat is failing miserably. I decided to blindly follow the length requirement of the pattern even though every fiber of my being told me not to. It turns out that my instinct was right and now I'm frogging like it's 1990*.

*Don't ask me why it should be 1990, just accept and move on.


carissa anne said...

is "smmmm" supposed to be the sound of sustained sniffing?

Ashely said...

yes, haha