Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sleepy Saturday

My blog bookmarking is getting a little out of hand. Current count: 62; all checked daily. It's an obsession I'm not sure I can keep up for much longer. Every time I think about cutting back I think of all the work I'll have to put in reading all the back posts when I start up again. No, no, better to keep up with them while they're current...but it's taking over my

In other desperate news, Ravelry is down while "upgradin ur serverz" and I need a cardigan pattern right. now. (The springy cardigan is back in and I'm giddy).

Alright, that's enough talking. I'm like the blog version of Seinfeld only not even comparable to its brilliance. We're just both about nothing.

Here are some sketches/quick drawings from class on Wednesday. I'm starting to really love this Portrait Drawing class:

Drawing mosaic

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