Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Things: Official List

I'm starting to really get into this "Month of New Things". It's exciting! I cooked dinner almost every day this week. Normally, I hate cooking (because I'm lazy), but I tried it out and you know what? It's fun! I don't know if this counts as it's own new thing or if it's a sub-category. Let's call it a sub-category. So let's list:

  1. Try to appreciate poetry (in progress)
  2. Be less selfish
    • Make baby blanket (in progress)
    • Help out around the house/cook more (mission accomplished)
  3. Dress more springy (in progress)
  4. Go to a movie by myself
  5. Actually finish books borrowed from library
  6. Try a new kind of coffee and don't worry about wasted money if I don't like it
  7. Take a picture of something without trying to make it good
  8. Be organized/keep my room clean
  9. Learn to play "Linus and Lucy" on the piano

This list will probably expand and the items will hopefully get more profound, but they also have to be realistic enough for me to complete them in a month.

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