Saturday, March 29, 2008

Beards and Art

I like grassy music. The kind of music where the band members have artsy beards and wear tight brown corduroy pants. The kind of people who would lay in the dry grass just to see if they can feel the earth move. They never wash, so the grass gets stuck in their artsy beards therefore making their music seem grassy. It's considered cool to like them until they get too many people who like them and then it becomes decidedly uncool. Then it's a competition to find the next grassy band and listen to them as much as possible before they too become uncool.

Tonight I stumbled across this blog: Misty Mawn. She's an artist and I love her work. So much texture!

Why is it that I always get a craving for coffee late at night? Maybe it was years of all-nighters or maybe it's a subconscious hatred of sleep. Going to sleep is glorious, waking up is a nightmare.

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