Sunday, May 4, 2008

Super Sunday

Ebay is a dangerous thing. I'm bidding on some cake decorating books for my mom. I'm in a ferocious bidding war. It's is up to $3.00. I know. I'm a ruthless killing machine. After a while though, it stops being about the item and it just turns into winning. I have been known to bid more for an item than it's worth just so I can have the satisfaction of flipping a "You have just been outbid" in the face of my opponent. I should really stay away from these things.

Church bulletin Sunday makes a return! Only, this time you can't really tell it's a bulletin. Sorry folks. These are neighbour's parents. My mom says it looks like them (well, as much as the back of someone's head can look like them), but I'm skeptical. What do you think neighbour?

Something really exciting: last night I ordered some hand-dyed Terra Firma (1700 MHz Merino) wool from Yarn Nerd aka adam knits! who has the absolute most adorable dogs I have ever seen. Check him out. I'm already plotting what I'm going to make with it.

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Anonymous said...

other than my mom's jaw jutting out a bit too much, lol, yeah I think it's pretty good. hah! maybe this sunday you should do the back of my head. i'll take care to style my hair nicely.