Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pink and Red Thursday

Well, color week is drawing to a close. Just one more day left.

Saving these for a rainy day

I drew this when I was four. I especially like those sexy knees. I can't tell if she has a mustache and she's singing or if she just has a really big lip.

Some nick knacks in the kitchen. That tomato is an old pull cord toy that plays music. The eyes move back and forth. Creepy?

Some berries on a curtain

Checker board, also for a rainy day.

This color day was a labor of love. You see, it's Springtime and my allergies are having a party in my nose. It kind of feels like they invited cold and flu as well and they're trashing up the joint. No respect. None at all.

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Anonymous said...

that apple dude is scary.