Friday, May 30, 2008

Sun?! Eh, okay.

Yesterday I spent (literally) the entire day at the library, reading, looking for books, giving the Jr. Highers mean glances. Our town is a little spoiled when it comes to our public resources. There are entire towns declaring bankruptcy and I'm sitting high in a library with a fireplace and top of the line equipment. It's a little unfair, but such is the nature of our poor economy. I digress.

After I had done everything possible inside the library, I took a stroll across the parking lot to the little park with the ducks and spread out for a good read in the sun. It was fabulous. The ants tried to sneakily carry me away but I'm much too smart for them.

The weather is so amazingly perfect today. I wish there was a picture that could let you feel the perfectness of today. It's almost a crime not to go outside and enjoy it. Even for me. Hater of all things solar and springy.

Neighbour got me some fabulous pastels (and coffee and pencils and charcoal) and my mom got me some wonderful watercolors so I'm going to go art my little heart out. Scream!

P.S. Speaking of babies (oh we weren't? Eh, whatever), it turns out that my friends are starting to have them. Even though I'm feeling the need to have a baby somewhere nearby for me to spoil and give knitted things, I feel like it's just so soon. Maybe it's just me and my point in life. Single, still in school, living at home. Married, graduated, living on their own couples are definitely at a different stage.

Are early 20s too young to have kids? Discuss.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. WAY TOO EARLY. for us anyway. hah. but hey i'm cool with you giving ME knitted things for milo...

hint hint ;)