Thursday, May 8, 2008

Summer Goals

Aaaaaaaand....I'm back! So the first wave of homework is done. It's the calm before the second storm. The big one. While I have this down time (and while Mother's Day is just a skip and a jump away) I'm taking this opportunity to knit, frantically. Pictures to come.

With summer vacation quickly approaching I have some goals in mind:

1. Read as many books as possible
2. Fill up as many sketch books as possible (with real drawings, not just lame doodles)
3. Finish (or kill) all started knitting projects
4. Clean out my closet
5. Play the piano at least once a week (I'm starting out slowly)

Okay, that's good. I don't want to create any lofty aspirations, I'm a realist.

Last Sunday I watched a documentary called "Carrier". Usually I'm not a big fan of military genre anything but this one just hooked me and drew me in. There were times, especially towards the end that made me sob like a baby. It's 10 hours and I haven't seen the first couple of episodes yet. I'm waiting for the opportune moment. Watch it, love it, buy it.

And to close out the post, a photo. I was playing around with the liquify function in Photoshop. Neighbour and her husband were my victims.

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Caldwells said...

oh no you di'nt!