Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Drawing A Day #1

So about 7:00 when I started drawing, I was mentally kicking myself for this brilliant idea hatched by someone who was surely not me. Drawing? Every day? Even when all I want to do is knit? Well, yes.

Once I started going though, I got a little excited. I re-explored It's the most fantastic site for an art student in the whole. wide. world.

The point: this is forcing me to draw when I desperately don't want to. Which, after all, is when I need to draw the most.

Also: I need to make it known that garlic bread is the #2 best food in the world (behind mashed potatoes). I practically ate it for dinner tonight.

1 comment:

neighboUr said...

whai is there no drawing for today yet?!?!

ps-i love my new computer