Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Awkward Day

I had to go back to high school today. I found out last minute that Ringling wants high school transcripts and I had to go pick them up. I had hoped I would never have to step foot on that campus again. Not because it was a particularly bad experience but because that chapter is closed, sealed and buried under 5 tons of dirt with a large man sitting on top. I was gross, I was awkward and I was a sissy. But I had a healthy respect for authority, all of which came rushing back to me as I drove into the campus. We're not talking about haha-butterflies, we're talking about on-the-way-to-the-blood-bank-butterflies.

When I walked into the counseling office it was like I was 15 again and not an adult speaking to other adults. I stuttered and broke out in a sweat and laughed awkwardly about, "I'm applying to Ringling. What's that? Haha, no, I'm not running away to join the circus (cheesy smile)." Idiot.

Afterward, I went to Target, naturally, and accidentally insulted a handicapped man. I was going to go down the cheese aisle when I realized there were 4 people, 2 carts and 1 giant electric store wheel chair. I made my usual, "Uh, engh, mm, nevermind" stammer and veered down another aisle. One of the non-chair ridden people I think obviously joked about how I had something against handicapped people. The wheel chair man didn't laugh.

All of this, however, was compensated for at work where I met with practically 4 clients and got positive feedback for my designs. Whoopee!

I'll post my drawing of the day tonight when I get back from class.

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