Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Direction! I need you!

I'm tired of being unemployed, sleeping in, knitting all day and watching TV until my eyes glaze over. There's only a certain lack of accomplishment (and money) one can take.

For the past couple of days I've been hanging out with a friend from church, catching up, talking about art and God and life in general. It has been sort of rejuvenating. The child has 4 (!) internships with graphic design companies and I'm starting to get jealous. I'm not exactly looking into a graphic design career, but good grief. She has inspired me to get my behind in gear. I have re-evaluated my goals and here's the new and improved list:

1) Get a job
2) Save every penny for:
a) A Mac
b) Adobe Creative Suite
3) Cut back on expensive coffee addiction (*cringe*, *die*)

That's it. By the end of the summer I will be blogging at you with my brand new Mac. Just you wait.

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