Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cough, save me, cough

Hello, Friends.

In case you've been in a box and haven't heard, Northern California is ablaze. I predicted it. Just not this soon. Last weekend or so there was sort of a lightning storm, the proverbial kick-you-while-your-down on top of high temperatures, winds and draught. When last I heard there were something like 500 fires up here, none in my neck of the woods, thankfully. We are, however getting some serious smoke, making me feel thoroughly claustrophobic. This was Monday:

Day 1

Day 1

Bad. Visibility: about 4 miles.

This was yesterday:

This is the same view as the first picture above
Day 2
Day 2
Horrible. Visibility: about ridiculous.
That isn't fog my dears, that's smoke. It's so thick that it changed the temperature to moderately cool with a breeze, which made everyone want to open their windows only to get a slap in the face of wheeze, eye water and sneeze. Thanks, I appreciate that.
It's quite a bit better today and a co-worker says that it should be even better by tomorrow, cross fingers.
On the coffee front, I'm just barely starting to kick butt. More of a girly shove. I can tell you, though, I make a mean scrambled egg for our breakfast croissants. Boo ya! Fist pump!
Also! Something moderately exciting. I may have an internship with a photographer! Wahoo! Photography isn't technically my thing, but I happen to like it, also, where there's photography there's Photoshop which is my thing. HAPPY SCREAM!

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