Friday, June 6, 2008

deep, cleansing breath

I consider myself a generally pessimistic person. Well, maybe not pessimistic, perhaps...realistic, sarcastic? I try my hardest never to bring those thoughts and feelings to this blog (unless it gets in the way of my biting-good wit.) but today it is especially hard. I'm resisting the urge to dump all of my "problems" on you, dear readers, but who does that benefit? No one, really.

I do have some good news though: I got a job! A real job, working at Ken's new coffee shop. Wahoo! He's going to call me next week. It's such a cozy little shop with a friendly atmosphere and a soon-to-be piano (which I have been recruited to play, cringe) and a bookshelf with some classics for your reading pleasure (my idea: thank you, thank you).

I'm scheming ideas for some new art and have a couple of sources of inspiration. If I can get around to cleaning out my room, perhaps I can start on them.

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