Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wanted: I don't remember

I was sitting in the cafeteria today at school #1 (community college) and the man of my dreams, the man I am supposed to marry walked in front of me. Did I run after him, screaming for him to stop! We are to become one flesh! No. I glanced up nervously as he walked into the great unknown, never to return. Neighbour said if she were there she would help me trip conveniently in front of him. She's such a friend.

This post makes me feel creepy, but I'm going to publish it anyway just so you can keep your eyes open for me. He had brown hair and I think a blue shirt.


LiNell said...

oh my gosh.

"we are to become one flesh?" kinda jumpin' the gun, aren't we Ashely?

Caldwells said...

you are such a stalker

Eikon Photography said...

Oh I've got a whole new perspective now, Ashely! (sp intended!)

~ Caryn