Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Today I am very anxious. I'm anxious about a lot of things and rationalizing doesn't seem to be helping. Also, I'm allowing myself to feel discontented: a bad thing. Anxiousness and discontent are breeding grounds for disaster.

It seems that semesters of smooth registration for classes are at an end and the bitter dregs of failure await for the next two years. Deep, cleansing breath. It'll be over by tomorrow.

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carissa anne said...

happy new school year! don't let the stress get you down. deep breaths in and a prayer as you exhale are maybe a good idea right about now.

thanks for the comments on my blog. i like that we can keep in touch in this way. so . . . i can't pay for you to come visit me, but i can pay you for knitting me stuff. how about a nice sweater? and a hat? i look great in winter hats, i found out. >:) (in your emoticon language)

oh, and as for kevin, he's in illinois too, remember? i'm dating me a seminary man now! we went to the lake beach yesterday. so weird. but cool.